Genre Police

Pigeon Fix: Axenic Autotype


I be playing all kindsa noise. sometimes focus on hard to find musics; ie cassette tapes my friends released like Lazy Magnet, Haves & Thirds, Yomul Yuk...  "world" music like Balachander, Fela, Mahmoud Ahmed, Mulatu Astatke.. old rap like Jungle Brothers, Schooly D, BDP, Public Enemy..  old punk like JFA, Minutemen, Crass...  experimental and noise like Violent Onsen Geisha, Omoide-Hatoba, Gaybomb...  dub like Scientist, King Tubby..  bounce like Partners N Crime, Magnolia Shorty, Jubilee. Honestly there is a lot of nonsense going on, mixing cockatiel training phrases with answering machine messages and far too many dogs barking. its a live mix of microphones, cassette tapes, mp3's and vinyl, meshed into the internets

much live mixing and guest djays