New Wednesday Night Lineup

Hey true bleievers, we're trying out a new Wednesday night lineup this week - news and humor with Off the Hook Radio from Pacifica Network station WABI, Black Mask Radio from community radio CKUW, followed up by the Hour of Slack.

Let us know what you think here:

New Time

The show is now 7-8 PM CST every Friday night.

Cool R. Stevie Moore Doc




8:55 in

drexciya - sea snake

beau wanzer - f.u klaxon

a guy called gerald - tranquility on phobos

tannhauser - sex money crime

carl craig - technology

dopplereffekt - plastiphilia

coil - tainted love

navid izadi - feelin’ purple (soul clap remix)

os ovni - flash of light

sich mang - free robin thicke (baby bones edit)

ben aqua - dark dark day

gesaffelstein - pursuit

brassica - ballo del morti

martial canteral - corners

ctrls - modular framework

michælangelo - manline

selena - techno cumbia

skream - fuckin nutter

featureless ghost - thought abduction

maurizio - domina (carl craig’s mix)

coldreams - eyes

808 state - pacific state

epee du bois - divided

yukari - hang on

vaputeen - basilisk

chris and coset - october love song

a certain ratio - knife slits water

dreams - oooo

wavy spice - bitch, i’m posh

chris travis - how it is (baby bones edit)

antwon - underwater tank

the-dream - iv play



Trial By Dance

Trial By Dance Can you cut it to be a People Will Radio DJ?
....Most Likely So

People Will Radio & Other Things

People Will Radio & Other Things

Metal on the Air

Have some great metal for tonight's show, mixed up with a bit of this and that. Old Metallica, Magic Circle, High on Fire, Sleep, The Sword, and more. 5 - 6 pm CST Friday.

Playlist for April 18

Ananas Symphonie - Kraftwerk   from Ralf Und Florian

Veterano - Harmonia   from Harmonia

Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach - Popol Vuh   

Eye-Shaking King - Amon Duul II    

Weissensee - Neu!    

Feuerland  - Michael Rother  

Daytime - Jane

21st Century - Holger Czukay/Ursa Major

Freefall (take two) - Hawklords

Stone In - Guru Guru

Picnic on a Frozen River - Faust

James - Cluster

Oasis - Ash Ra Tempel

Barnacles - Can

Sundance Chance - Gila

Phantasms Rise... - Jah Wobble and Julie Campbell

Conditionierer - Moebius and Plank

End of Time - Robyn Hitchcock

Interstate (based on Hallogallo) - System 7

Milk Rock - Organisation (pre-Kraftwerk)

Archangels Thunderbird - Amon Duul II

Watching You - Brainticket is becoming

That's right, for reasons too stupid to discuss, we will be changing our domain name to

Stay tuned as usual, and look for updates to our web page as we laboriously remove the Ks from our PWRs.

The Priest of Doom

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