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Ballad of the Black Gold

Reflection Eternal - Ballad Of The Black Gold (Live @ Amoeba Records, San Francisco, CA. 5/24/2010)


Allied Media Conference Fundraiser

Help support local Austin Lefties who are attending the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, while watching live local filmmaker art and enjoying the sounds of Motown classics provided by DJ eYEonE & Bullet.

Saturday, May 22, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Cherrywood Coffee House
1400 East 38th 1/2 Street
Austin, TX 78722

Toki Wright-By the Time I Get to Arizona 2010

Download "By the Time I Get to Arizona 2010" :: http://is.gd/c8NXA

Dear Friends, Family, and Allies,

On Friday, April 23rd 2010 at approximately 1:30pm Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed into law the most aggressive bill against undocumented residents in the United States. Under Senate Bill 1070 (SB 1070) local police departments have been given the authority to identify, detain, and deport anyone they deem to be illegally in the US based solely on their suspicion. Yet we ask, "what does illegal look like?"

We the people believe that this is not only a decision deeply rooted in racism, but also a political plot to cause disruption between the State and Federal government at the expense of hard working families. The same stigma that has plagued people of color in unfair hiring and housing practices, education, police profiling and more has now been passed into so-called "law." Law is nothing but an opinion reinforced by intimidation. Also, how can you call someone else illegal when you live on stolen land?

We won't take this sitting down. Resist. Fight.

In Solidarity,
Toki Wright

Director: Adam J Dunn
Editor: Adam J Dunn
Producer: Chris Cloud for MPLS.TV
Co-Director of Photography: Shannon Reddy
Co-Director of Photography: Zeke the Freak


Pay Close Attention-The Streets Will Not be Silenced... San Antonio Free Speech Lawsuit Moves Forward

There's an old saying that reads 'The price of freedom means one has to be forever vigilant', meaning folks, especially those who are in power or feel threatened will always be scheming to find ways to limit or outright take away your power. What has been going on in San Antonio since November 29 2007, is that the Mayor and City Council voted to give the police power to charge for 'Free Speech' in public space at their discretion. Such a move is a blatant assault  one of our core basic freedoms-The right to assemble FREELY. Below is a video that gives a brief backdrop as to what's happening...




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