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New Wednesday Night Lineup

Hey true bleievers, we're trying out a new Wednesday night lineup this week - news and humor with Off the Hook Radio from Pacifica Network station WABI, Black Mask Radio from community radio CKUW, followed up by the Hour of Slack.

Let us know what you think here:

Metal on the Air

Have some great metal for tonight's show, mixed up with a bit of this and that. Old Metallica, Magic Circle, High on Fire, Sleep, The Sword, and more. 5 - 6 pm CST Friday. is becoming

That's right, for reasons too stupid to discuss, we will be changing our domain name to

Stay tuned as usual, and look for updates to our web page as we laboriously remove the Ks from our PWRs.

The Priest of Doom

Rent Party!

rent party flyer

KPWR got a little behind in our finances, so we're throwing a Rent Party to catch up.  Any excuse for a party, really, is good enough for us.

There will be stand-up comedy to start the evening, followed by bands and DJs to keep you moving all night long.

And of course there will be beer :)

$5 door, Saturday March 31st, 8pm at The Fort  - 301 Chicon st.

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