Jonathan Hall – “Flee” – May 2, 1983 – December 24th, 2010



Our beautiful and sincere friend "Flee" was senselessly murdered on Dec. 23, 2010.  He will dearly be missed by all who were blessed to know him.  Not too much to say now, we're still too much in shock, but we'll sorely miss the uniqueness of your soul.   If you ever had  the chance to listen to the hopes,  dreams, aspirations and the many jokes that "Flee" would share then you would know how deeply affected we all are by this loss.     

       "if you aint a pirate, then you aint shit"                                                                                                                                                                                                            , TOUGH GUY FLEE   TOUGH FLEE

Flee was always there to make peace, but he had a look that said Don't fuck with me.  Flee left home early and spent much time on the road and had to develop this look early and fast, but Flee was the sweetest person and would always be there if you needed him, Loyal to the end.  Thank you Flee for the memories....and being who you were.  We will miss you Dearly