Propaganda II



People Will Radio. Oh yes they will. Radio is a form, sometimes a format, a feeling out of sound space. We could have also called it KPRR since People have a Reason to Radio. But no matter, on the air Will is Intelligence is Reason, so read it differently: PWR, code for POWER. Of course. People Will to Power Radio, a modest proposal. At first it is just a way of siding up beside you and whispering in your ear. To help your imagination we've invented exotic or gaudy names for ourselves. Of the Uruguayan murga it was once said "dice y no grita": she says, does not yell. No yelling: it's a subtle form, and even the rowdiest among us are whispering in some way. Volume, after all, is up to you. The people, the will, the radio: a triangular dance to which you are invited.