No Sniffing Glue Upstairs playlist for 12/02/2011

Artist Title Album Label Link
X Suck Suck Aspirations
Shotwell Gatt Celery Beef and Iron
Closet Fairies Cassandra
Tulsa Young and Foolish Sour Digs
The Pussy Dogs You Can Stay Over at My House Tonight Ain't Nothn' But a Pussy Dog
The Marked Men We Won't Talk About it The Marked Men S/T
Chronic Sick Man-Rape Blues Cutest Band in Hardcore EP
Lenguas Largas No Mi Gusto la Pepsi
Raooul I had Jesse Blatz Jail Bait Core
Street Legal Knocked Off My Feet Again
The Horribly Wrong I Admit Cmon and Bleed With
The Novas The Crusher
The Phantom Limbs Unhinged Face
Le Shok We are Electrocution We are Electrocution
The Endtables The Defectors The Endtables S/T
The Credentials Decending the Garbage Chute Goocher
Rose Cross Missing Children
The Adolecents Wrecking Crew Someone Got their Head Kicked In Comp.
Rational Animals Dark Eyes Distorted Temptations
Kuzle Smejse
The Criaturas Sombars Ocultas Aranas en el Corazon
Waste Management No Way Out Power Abuse EP
No Children High Turnover Shit Demo
Beefeater Reaganomics Plays for Lovers
The Spits Die Die Die The Spits S/T
Suburbanite Winter Soldier
Dark Lion I Flunked Obdience Class demo
Cock Sparrer We're Coming Back Shock Troops
Sarjan Hassan Tapes Rule

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