Fractal Panties

sexy ladies riding psychedelic lions. if your flesh doesn't crawl, it's on too tight.
is not currently scheduled.

Wholesome as FUCK

Domestic Concerns of Defiant Bitches. Hardcore witchy disco homesteading. NACHO TOWN.
is not currently scheduled. is becoming

That's right, for reasons too stupid to discuss, we will be changing our domain name to

Stay tuned as usual, and look for updates to our web page as we laboriously remove the Ks from our PWRs.

The Priest of Doom

Bearadise Garage

the crisco disco and faggot house marathon
is not currently scheduled.

Rent Party!

rent party flyer

KPWR got a little behind in our finances, so we're throwing a Rent Party to catch up.  Any excuse for a party, really, is good enough for us.

There will be stand-up comedy to start the evening, followed by bands and DJs to keep you moving all night long.

And of course there will be beer :)

$5 door, Saturday March 31st, 8pm at The Fort  - 301 Chicon st.

Eazy Listening

is not currently scheduled.

Grow Up!

is not currently scheduled.

A comedy radio show about music, film and other escapes that comedians enjoy as people. Hosted by Seth Cockfield. Every Thursday at 6pm CST.

Full archive of past episodes can be found on the show's website here!


Calls from Home

The United States has 2.4 million people behind bars. Thousand Kites wants you to lend your support to a powerful grassroots radio and community project that reaches into our nation's prisons and lets those inside know they are not forgotten.  Sing a song, read a prayer, speak from the heart and let those inside know you are thinking about them. Call in a holiday wish now at 877-410-4863 to our toll-free 24/7 answering machine.

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Donate to People Will Radio

KPWR is an all-volunteer, community-based web radio project from east Austin. We don't sell advertising, and we don't do pledge drives, so all of our expenses are covered by donations from our DJs and listeners.

The Uhhh...Radio Show

Oldies, Foreign, and Absurd.
on People Will Radio Program Schedule Sunday 10pm-Monday 12am.

Conga PartyConga Party

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