Live Broadcast at Treasure City Thrift's 25 cent sale - Free Beer, Food, and Fun!

KPWR (People Will Radio) will be broadcasting live from Treasure City Thrift 2142 East 7th Street Austin, TX 78702-3424 on Saturday, June 18th, with fun, prizes and free BEER! The 18th will a 25 cent sale - you won't want to miss this one.

25 cent Sale Saturday, June 18, 11-4 - The Radio Broadcast Edition
Come out to our 25 cent sale and get some treasures for only a quarter.
There will be amazing clothes, shoes, bags, books, toys, dishes, bric-a-brac, knick-knacks and random weird things, some taken straight off the racks.

Plus, this month you'll also get to enjoy music from KPWR djs and free beer! Need we say more? See ya there!

Arrive early for the best picks, but no worries if you're late to rise, we'll be bringing out new bins throughout the day.

There is additional Treasure City parking available behind Los Comales restaurant and on Prospect St.


Ooh, I know he didn't...
is not currently scheduled.


Jonathan Hall – “Flee” – May 2, 1983 – December 24th, 2010



Our beautiful and sincere friend "Flee" was senselessly murdered on Dec. 23, 2010.  He will dearly be missed by all who were blessed to know him.  Not too much to say now, we're still too much in shock, but we'll sorely miss the uniqueness of your soul.   If you ever had  the chance to listen to the hopes,  dreams, aspirations and the many jokes that "Flee" would share then you would know how deeply affected we all are by this loss.     

       "if you aint a pirate, then you aint shit"                                                                                                                                                                                                            , TOUGH GUY FLEE   TOUGH FLEE

Flee was always there to make peace, but he had a look that said Don't fuck with me.  Flee left home early and spent much time on the road and had to develop this look early and fast, but Flee was the sweetest person and would always be there if you needed him, Loyal to the end.  Thank you Flee for the memories....and being who you were.  We will miss you Dearly



Trust The Wizard

Music for all the psychological changes of your life. You wanna talk about reading?...
on People Will Radio Program Schedule Monday 3-5pm.

Mondays 3-5p CST. Smell the magic then live the dream...


What Poetry

Rhythm and Spoken Word
is not currently scheduled.

What Poetry features local and national spoken word artists, along with music and commentary. 


Madness Radio

Voices And Visions from Outside Mental Health
is not currently scheduled.

Madness RadioMadness Radio

Propaganda II



People Will Radio. Oh yes they will. Radio is a form, sometimes a format, a feeling out of sound space. We could have also called it KPRR since People have a Reason to Radio. But no matter, on the air Will is Intelligence is Reason, so read it differently: PWR, code for POWER. Of course. People Will to Power Radio, a modest proposal. At first it is just a way of siding up beside you and whispering in your ear. To help your imagination we've invented exotic or gaudy names for ourselves. Of the Uruguayan murga it was once said "dice y no grita": she says, does not yell. No yelling: it's a subtle form, and even the rowdiest among us are whispering in some way. Volume, after all, is up to you. The people, the will, the radio: a triangular dance to which you are invited.



Clarinet Church

is not currently scheduled.

freinds coming together to worship a black stick

My Girlfriend is a Rock

Punk, Hardcore, yadda yadda yadda!!!
is not currently scheduled.

Propaganda I


KPWR is free music, free speech, free people. Or at least it is music, speech, and people experimenting with freedom in real time, on the air. It is also the obsessions and preoccupations of a small circle of people. We do not all know each other well but we are bonded by our desire for radio. Later we laugh about what one or the other of us played or said on the air. In some bedroom in Austin or halfway across the world some other soul laughs as well. Every show has its real and imaginary audiences: I play music for the 13 and 14 year olds longing for an out in the suburbs and rotten corners of the city. If you listen closely you will hear in each program the memories, desires, and anticipations that orient the sound. And mistakes! Because we are rough around the edges and say so: that is a mark of our small circle. Some of us are tuned in to the mainstream word-image flow, its spectacle, and others of us tune it out in part or completely. But we all mind the gap, mark the difference, I mean, between free speech, free music, free people, and processed culture. If you listen carefully you will hear the gap.


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