Radio Revuelta Playlists

Radio Revuelta playlist for 11/20/2016

la tripa plays A Tribe Called Quest's latest print in its entirety...a tribute to those raptured in 2016...and FUCK Donald Trump & FUCK Led Zeppelin...REST IN POWER Sharon Jones!

Radio Revuelta playlist for 11/05/2016

It's another thearapy session on Radio Revuelta with la tripa on the People WILL Radio. Beyoncé makes several appearances and Screamin' Jay Hawkins has constipation...

Radio Revuelta playlist for 10/16/2016

la tripa arrives late...asks a couple of questions (What if we all stopped paying taxes? AND How low can a punk get?)...and struggles with a hangover.

Radio Xuco playlist for 09/22/2013

The Radio Xuco with la tripa show in which la tripa waits for the toe-sock bandit, there is no booze and only two cigarettes; Erykah Badu plays a short set and Café Tacuba has a new album. This is also Radio Xuco's last show in the Bolm studio, thank Jeebus!

Radio Xuco playlist for 09/08/2013

Radio Xuco with la tripa 09/08/13Radio Xuco with la tripa 09/08/13

Radio Xuco playlist for 09/01/2013