Bastard Sons of John Aielli playlist for 05/03/2010

Today I learned that pulling embarrassing 7"s from my record stash is just like dumpstering meat... you find it questionable and iffy.

The 7'' was the Buzzcrusher/Cocknoose Split.  We played both sides and got quite a laugh.   

Thanks for listening...

oh... and fuck you, dad

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The tomorrow's yesterday show playlist for 05/02/2010

We had a great show this week!!!!  Kanga brought me up to speed on the Oil Slick that is about to destroy everything.  She was very upset...Then we brought it all back with some Sex advice from Dan Savage...We are still catching everyone up from past Savage love podcasts.  So, the old show of some guy and his third testacle could have been old news but, to us it was very entertaining....See ya'll next week.

Sector Phy playlist for 04/29/2010

Here's how it's done with almost no drone:

begin - Lamonte:ée-permettra-la-séléction4

Keagan - end:


Bastard Sons of John Aielli playlist for 04/26/2010

This Week Bree and James were late and had several technical difficulties and two tacos... that's two tacos each.  Bree's Embarrassing Teenage 7" was "I'm Not Depressed, I'm Drunk" by Trailer Park Four and his John Aielli Song of the Week was "Asylum" by Crass.  Bree also referred to the breakdown of the Full Metal Jacket remix as "fucking ridiculous."

Sector Phy playlist for 04/23/2010

+ A snippet & a longer snippet