The Wandering Hour playlist for 06/06/2013

Bookwerm John Rank drops by and spins some tunes and sing songs live on the air, lots of beat meat, brain splats, a terrible TWITCH imporvisation, and other random things.

The Uhhh...Radio Show playlist for 06/02/2013

The Wandering Hour playlist for 05/30/2013

On this episode of the Wandering Hour, we explore social vices, futuristic technology and the depths of the human soul. Heard only here on People Will Radio

The Wandering Hour playlist for 05/23/2013

A Smish Smash of Old and New, Close and Far, and Hard and Soft. Included are radioactive flip flops, Empty cups, emo shows, wonder drugs and junk. Most links will lead to free mp3 downloads.

Children of Krautrock playlist for 05/23/2013

The Uhhh...Radio Show playlist for 05/19/2013

The Wandering Hour playlist for 05/16/2013

Alright...well the playlist for this show got deleted, so here is the Run down of what happened. Cash Carter aka Jason Farley AKA Jackie O'Nasty dropped by and played some tunes live over the airwaves. He also shared with us some unreleased demos and even accompanied one, It was pretty awesome. Anyways, other than that we had the usual chickens on LSD, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Interstellar Toilet Paper, francypants pirates and the podington bears.

Here is some further details and links:

Dr. Adrian Ostfeld Speaks on LSD Research, 1967 (Exploring My Reel-to-Reel Catacombs, Volume 28) (MP3's)

David Carradine Sings Gilbert Shelton “Set My Chickens Free”

This Is The Plague & This Is The Punk “The Clap” Catch

Johnny Dollar - Do Die 7” Date

“Teenager” (by Apache Dropout) Half of Apache Dropout family vineyard

“Pirates” (by Jack and the Pulpits) Francypants Serious Business Records

“60 años y no parar” (by San Pedro El Cortez) El VALS MEFISTO Estándar

Prank Dial “Digital Piracy”

Interstellar Toilet Paper” (by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands) Bored and Alone White Moon Recordings

“I Don't Understand” (by Doomstar) Boston Hassle Comp Bodies of Water arts and crafts

Talibam! + Sam Kulik - Squeeze My Nuts In The Barnyard


Glen Glenn My Eyes Are Open But There Ain’t Nobody Home

Children of Krautrock playlist for 05/16/2013

Trust The Wizard playlist for 05/13/2013

It's my entrance, my own creation. My grand finale, my goodbye.

The Uhhh...Radio Show playlist for 05/12/2013

The Blackwells live at PeopleWillRadio