Title Genre DJs Time range
Anything Anytime Anywhere For No Reason At All Psych, Industrial, Prog, etcetera d_damo Friday 3-5pm
Black Mask News PriestOfDoom Wednesday 7-8pm
Burning Hair GARBAGE burning_hair Monday 7-9pm
Children of Krautrock Music from and inspired by the Krautrock movement of the the 70's B0B Thursday 4-6pm
Hologram Skies Psychedelic, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, Neo-psychedelic, Post-Punk, Darkwave, Electronic, Krautrock morbane Friday 8-10pm
Horizon Scanning Cultural Ephemera smokey emery Friday 6-8pm
La Plaga Go-Go! Latin American Psych, Surf, Fuzz, and Garage Rock pyrotect Thursday 9-10pm
Off the Hook Radio Hour news Wednesday 6-7pm
Pizza Planet Punk, Indie, Metal, Experimental, Hip Hop, Electronic, Folk, Jazz, etc. Whatever I'm listening to. Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am
RADIO 5 8 6 Italo, post-punk, disco, Hi-NRG, noise, Madchester, shoegaze, Krautrock, etc. radio586 Tuesday 10pm-Wednesday 3am
Radio Xuco Funk, soul, hip-hop, cumbias y más. Radio Xuco is the sound of voz and revolution. la tripa Sunday 4-8pm
RARE SPECIES RADIO dark electronic & hip-hop, post-punk babybones Wednesday 11pm-Thursday 1am
Reality Hands literary No Glykon Monday 10-11pm
Sunday Mornin Comin Down indescribable Obnoxio Sunday 10am-4pm
The Bob Hour Eclectic DJ Bob Tuesday 10am-2pm
The Uhhh...Radio Show Oldies, Foreign, and Absurd. Sunday 10pm-Monday 12am
The Wandering Hour Bizzaro alejRAMA Thursday 1-2pm
Timelife Methrave clouds, mixed messages, sodom & galore and bruise-your-knees techno Wednesday 9-11pm
Trust The Wizard Music for all the psychological changes of your life. You wanna talk about reading?... Corsage Monday 3-5pm
TwitchArt Wholly 'n Unwholly Sounds Twitch - Entropy Saturday 12-3pm
Velvet Rut sticky glitter stretch pants jools Tuesday 8-10pm