Title Genre DJs
7layersocillator Understanding 7layeroscillator
Angst hour just stuff for an hour justis
Any Colour You Like Groovy psych Funky RnB Marko-Mars
Anything Anytime Anywhere For No Reason At All Psych, Industrial, Prog, etcetera d_damo
atx live news politics hip hop bakulost
Baby Oil house, techno, ambient, soul
backseat driver oldies GreyGhost
Bastard Sons of John Aielli Punk, Post-Punk, and Proto-Punk Bree
Bearadise Garage the crisco disco and faggot house marathon
Black Mask News
Body Fett techno, house, disco
Burning Hair GARBAGE burning_hair
Children of Krautrock Music from and inspired by the Krautrock movement of the the 70's B0B
Children of the Intifada sound
Chispa's Radio Hour talk DJ Chispa
Clarinet Church clarinet
Cosmic Vampire new beat, EBM, minimal wave, industrial, evil
Deep and Wide messed up, mixed up, making it happen (or not)
Democracy Now News
DYNAMO ENZYME _everything, mostly DJ GABILAN
Eazy Listening tbd DoubleEaze
Everything Goes variety show Nick and Rick
Fisticuffs Ooh, I know he didn't... Dirty Dishes
Fractal Panties sexy ladies riding psychedelic lions. if your flesh doesn't crawl, it's on too tight. viperslut
Gilded Peradam Radio Ambient, Freeform Noise, Experimental Electronics, Avant Garde
Give The Drummer Some Funk, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Breaks Bullet
Globular world music globular
Grow Up! Comedy/Music Seth
Hip-Hop Building Blocks Hip-Hop Bullet