Velvet Rut playlist for 05/07/2012

Artist Title Album Label Link
Electric Youth Faces
Live Fashion Bicycle Song
Sabrina Salerno Boys
Brian Tatcher Hot Love
Peter Richard Strange Desires
Ghosthustler Busy Busy Busy
Barbarella Move In Do It
Adolf Stern More...I Like It
Hypnotic Samba Stop - Watch
Loui$ Pink Footpath
Laura D'Angelo e la Danceterie Follow Me (English version)
Decadence On and On
Moev Cracked Mirror
Starfucker Boy Toy
Remix Blood Orange Forget It (Class Actress Remix)
Noir Deco Prey At The Disco
Flemming Dalum The Dark Side Of Italo (mix)
Scotch Disco Band
Skatt Brothers Walk the Night