Want to be a DJ on People Will Radio?

Want to have a show on kpwr.org?  Here's how!

  1. Ask for a show: send an email to show@kpwr.org describing the show you want to do.  If you know a current DJ that will vouch for you then mention it.
  2. Wait for the current DJs to approve your show and add you to the mailing list.
  3. Get oriented - you have to come in and get shown the ropes by another DJ.
  4. Sign up for an account on kpwr.org.  Send your username to the mailing list and ask for your account to be changed into a DJ account. Or set this up during orientation.
  5. Create your show: when you log in to kpwr.org you should now be able to create your show here: http://kpwr.org/node/add/station-program
  6. Schedule your show: once your show is created, you can schedule it here: http://kpwr.org/node/8/schedule/add

That's it!  Have fun doing radio!